Furniture makers with a rich family history – since 1978

There are no CNC machines in the Jacobs Interieur workshops. This is by design because Jaak Jacobs resolutely opted for traditional quality when establishing the company in 1978. “And that’s remained the case. We invest in people, not machines. We also don’t make any mass-produced series; just unique pieces.”

Expert in composite material

Jaak Jacobs’ furniture company was the first, over thirty years ago, to process Corian®, the mass-coloured composite material by US manufacturer DuPont. This is where he laid the foundations for an incredible expertise in Solid Surface. There are now countless imitations on the market. You’ll get an original at Jacobs Interieur though!

Third generation

In recent years, the company has been making a dual move, under the leadership of Frederik Jacobs, who represents the third generation. On the one hand, the focus is on comprehensive projects, from the shell and sanitary facilities to the lighting and furniture. This way, private individuals, the self-employed, and (liberal) professionals can entrust their interior project to Jacobs Interieur without any concerns. On the other hand, Jacobs Interieur focuses more than ever on the essence: making furniture. This can be at the customer’s request or commissioned by other companies.

An open approach to the future

With approximately 35 full-time employees and several carefully selected subcontractors, the company has reached its ideal size. “We don’t need to grow any more. At least not as far as the number of employees is concerned because we don’t want to be a factory. Customers appreciate our small-scale, familial approach. But we are taking an open approach to the future and are open to collaborating with furniture designers,” says Jaak Jacobs.